• ILLAMASQUA - Expressionist Artistry Palette

ILLAMASQUA - Expressionist Artistry Palette

Express your individuality with twelve highly pigmented Powder Eye Shadows in matte and shimmer. Each one delivers a colour-intense finish, allowing you to create any number of unique looks.

With renowned Illamasqua pigment pay-off, formulated to seamlessly blend and build upon, the Expressionist palette enables you to be the master of your own creation. Allowing you to experiment with bold pops of colour and clashing brights, create your own unframed artistry with the Expressionist Artistry Palette.

The palette includes a full-size mirror.

Shades Included:

  • UNBLEACHED (Champagne Shimmer)
  • S'CREAM (Bronze Shimmer)
  • UMBER AMBER (Orange Matte)
  • NIHILISM (Pink Shimmer)
  • DIET CERULEAN (Light Blue Shimmer)
  • CANVAS PRIMER (White Matte)
  • THINK ZINC (Light Pink shimmer)
  • BURNT SIENNA (Terracotta Matte)
  • VIVID CRIMSON (Red Matte)
  • DEEESTORTED (Pink Matte)
  • BLUE PERIOD (Dark Blue Shimmer)
  • DRY BRISTLES (Black Matte)
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