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  • "I really love the box. They sent every other month with really good products. The customer service is really awesome. They are always active on social media for queries. Always listen to the member of tribe beauty"
    - @beautystylemama
  • "Congrats Tribe Beauty Box! You just took over the beauty sub box industry by doing this right here! BoxyCharm is the only one who offers customization on high quality brands that is even close to Bili's level worth the price of subscription! Ladies and gentleman in the beauty industry-still on the fence. You NEED this sub box. These palette's are 🔥 Tribe Beauty has never sent me a product that did not feel luxe while delivering a strong message of female empowerment. Beyond impressed!"
    - @jennikubik
  • "Everything that comes in the Tribe box is of high quality, useable for everyone and is the best by far compared to the other’s. I wish it came every month though instead of every other month. Thinking of trying a beauty box? This is the one."
    - @cindyrella

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